Offer our clients the necessary tools to make their project a reality and that in the future, they can invest again in new projects. In this way becoming a job source and push the economy of our country.

In Grupo Ingeniería & Arquitectura we have the motto: “Stay with the client until their project is a reality”. We will achieve this by involving ourselves with the client up the smallest detail, providing technological and technical quality work making this the best project developed with the client and us.



Develop a design and project building company that stands out for warranting the interests of our clients in an integral and efficient manner; supported by the specialization of our personnel and the constant improvement of our processes.


Having a stable position in the Design and Project Building area; with this achieving a greater growth in the building market and industry, having as main goal, the result every company strives for: “Success”.



To satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients, keeping up with quality processes, through constant improvement; observing the application of regulations and respecting the environment.